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AirSaver F2 Features

Digital Display

New Digital Panel Display

Making it easy to operate (ease of use)



Can produce materials up to 47 linear feet per minute

Timing Mode

New Timing Mode

Allows users to control the amount of pillows to dispense

Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal

Allows users to easily control the flow of material

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Can easily integrate from small to large size shipping operations

No Training Required

No Training Required

Designed to work right out of the box

The AirSaver F2 Machine is a compact unit that can be easily integrated into any shipping operations. The AirSaver F2 features user friendly controls, low maintenance and high reliability and up-time. The F2 was designed to work right out of the box with minimal setup. No external air supply is needed and the system setup and operations can be performed directly by you with minimal training required. Running up to 47 feet per minute, each F2 machine can generate over 156 cubic feet of void fill material (4" x 8" cushions) per hour, enough for approximately 200-300 standard size packages. In addition, with a quick swap of a roll of film, the F2 can switch between different Air Pillow sizes to meet your packing needs.

AirSaver F2 Specifications

26.1 lbs


240/100 V
50/60 Hz 3A


47 ft/min


AirSaver F2 Operation

Easy operations will allow you to streamline your shipping operations and reduce costs.

The AirSaver F2 control panel is designed with simplicity in mind. To operate, load the film, choose the mode that you want to use to produce the film, (timing mode, basket mode or continuous mode) adjust the temperature and fan speed based on the recommended setting for the type of film you are using. Once your fan and temperature adjustments are set, press the start button.

Recommended Control Settings

Size Temperature Fan Speed
2" x 8" 7 7 8
4" x 8" 7 3 7
5" x 8" 7 3 7
8" x 8" 7 2 - 4 7
8" x 12" 7 2 - 3 4
12" x 16" 7 8 8
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