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F2S Machine Configurations

Standalone F2S Machine

Ideal for smaller shipping operations with 1 to 2 packing stations. The F2S Machine is conveniently placed on a packing table in the warehouse and a large storage box is used to store daily supplies of AirSaver air-pillows.

F2S Machine on Mobile Cart

This setup is ideal for shippers with multiple packing stations that are looking for a mobile solution. The F2S Machine is placed on top of our Mobile Cart and is easily moved around the warehouse. For example, there is one main packing station and another packing location is in need of additional packing materials, this configuration can easily be moved from one place to another.

Standalone F2S Machine with Collection Basket

The F2S is placed on a packing table in the warehouse and the AirSaver Small Collection Basket is used to collect air-pillows. This set up is ideal for companies that have several packers and multiple packing stations. This configuration may also be used with our Large Collection Basket for larger void-fill needs.

F2S Machine on Mobile Cart with Small Collection Basket & Sensor

When your warehouse needs a steady supply of air-pillows without the hassle of keeping the Collection Basket from overflowing, this is the popular configuration. The sensor stops the F2S Machine from overflowing and will start again when the Collection Basket is running low on air-pillows. This setup is ideal for medium size businesses that ship a decent number of packages per day.

Full Floor Set-Up Integrated Solution
(Type 3)

Ideal for medium to large shipping operations that have multiple packing lines and multiple packers that require pulling packing materials from overhead dispensers into boxes rather than reaching down from the basket, eliminating less strain and increasing efficiency in shipping more products.
Customer may run the machine either in timing mode or continuous mode and pull the inflated AirSaver air-pillows from over the Hopper.

Overhead Delivery System (Type 1)

Ideal set up for high volume shipping operations and fully customizable based on customer needs.