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ASFX Troubleshooting


Pillow Seal Leakage


If pillow is not holding air or when squeezed and the pillow puffs rather than pops

1 - Squeeze pillow slow to see where leak is coming from. If leak is coming from the seal check the following.

2 - Confirm the Teflon belts are still on the heating unit. Confirm that belts are still intact and are in good condition. There should be no holes, rips or folds. There will be a top and bottom belt on the sealing unit.

3 - If belts are in working order then increase the heat in increments of 1 until sealing has improved. Note: Seal should look consistent and clean. Any stretching or separation is an indication of over sealing and will cause pillow integrity to be lower

4 - If sealing does not improve Contact AirSaver Tech support at 1-800-782-9008


Seal Separation


If the seal of the pillow is separating as it comes out then this is an indication that the sealing is too hot

To resolve this, decrease the heat in increments of 1 until sealing has stopped separating.

Once separation has stopped check pillow to assure that there is no leaking with the decreased heat.


Film Fault Error


If the machine displays a "Film Fault" this indicates that there is no film running through the machine.


Film Jam


If a film jam occurs near the back the of the machine then likely the film was not loaded properly and the blade did not cut the film.

To clear the Jam you will need to pull the Air Nozzle out. SAFETY NOTE: The cutting blade for the film is located on this assembly.

1 - Locate where the film is threaded onto the feeding tube (AirNozzle)

2 - With your index finger and thumb pull the feeding tube (Air nozzle) left.

3 - The Air Nozzle and blade assembly should come out. Remove the jammed-up film and reinstall the assembly.