Mobile Cart

The AirSaver Mobile Cart increases the efficiency of shipping operations. The AirSaver ASFX2 Machine can be placed on top of the mobile cart and is ready to use without needing to mount it. It has a full range of mobility allowing you to move from one shipping station to another. You can store up to four boxes of AirSaver film, saving you additional valuable space in the warehouse.

Collection Basket - Small

The AirSaver Small Collection Basket is designed to hold up to 10.4 cubic feet of Air Pillows. The casters make transporting materials from one shipping station to another easy.

Collection Basket - Large

The AirSaver Large Collection Basket holds up to 21 cubic feet of Air Pillows. This lightweight basket is on casters and is designed for mobility. You can fill the basket with Air Pillows and move from one area to another. Reduce expenses and streamline your shipping operations with this accessory.

ASFX2 Integrated Mobile Basket with Hopper

Our Integrated Mobile Basket with Hopper complements larger operations that require your machine to be mobile while retaining a large space for air pillow collection. The hopper holds the air pillows in place as they are produced, allowing users to take the inflated pillows when needed without sacrificing the basket's storage. Attach the hopper to your basket to experience greater mobility and accessibility. This configuration is also ergonomically designed eliminating the need for the user to reach for film in the basket.

ASFX2 Winder

The ASFX2 Winder is an accessory that can be attached to your machine to store rolls of inflated air pillows. Once installed, the winder will function as a coiler that wraps the pillows into easy-to-store rolls of film. Use the winder accessory to store large amounts of rolled inflated air pillows when necessary.

ASFX2 Overhead Unit

The AirSaver ASFX2 Overhead Unit accounts for more extensive production needs and is ready to hold and distribute air pillows above your ASFX2 machine. Once assembled and attached to your machine, the air pillows will be created, stored in the overhead basket, and pulled downward for usage. The Overhead Unit comes equipped with a stand, basket, and tray to maximize air pillow production speed. The stand measures 116" tall, providing ample space for packing.

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