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Collection Baskets


The AirSaver Pillow Small Collection Basket is designed to hold up to 10.4 cubic feet of Air Pillows. The casters make it easy to transport materials from one shipping station to another.


The AirSaver Air Pillow Large Collection Basket is double the size of our Small Collection Basket holding up to 21 cubic feet of air pillows. This lightweight basket is on casters and is designed for mobility so that you can fill the basket with Air Pillows and move from one area to another. Reduce costs and streamline your shipping operations with this accessory.

Mobile Cart

The AirSaver Mobile Cart increases efficiency to shipping operations. The AirSaver F2 Machine can be placed on top of the mobile cart and is ready to use without needing to mount it. It has a full range mobility allowing you to move from one shipping station to another. You can store up to four boxes of AirSaver Film, saving you additional valuable space in the warehouse.


Foot Pedal

The AirSaver Foot Pedal plugs directly into the AirSaver unit. With a simple step of the foot pedal the F2 machines becomes a hands free operation as result increasing packing speed and efficiency.

Basket Sensor

Another option includes the sensor which can be attached directly to the unit. When running the machine with the sensor, it will automatically stop when the basket is full, never overflowing. Once the basket is low on Air Pillows, it will automatically start filling the collection basket with more pillows.

WARNING: By disabling the sensor, the F2 Machine will continue to generate air pillows until you manually stop the machine or until it runs out of film supply.

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