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Why Air Pillows

Are you dealing with a list of shipping issues because of your current interior protective packaging materials?

Are my packages protected?

Is there a way to increase efficiency?

How can I avoid damaged merchandise?

How can I maximize my storage?

Can I keep my customers happy?

AirSaver Air Pillows are reliable, versatile and cost-effective.

Here are few things to consider when choosing interior protective packaging materials

Material Cost

It is vital to choose materials that can provide optimal protection when choosing void-fill and cushioning products.
Keep products safe during transit and avoid unnecessary damaged products that are decreasing your bottom line.

AirSaver Air Pillow Roll
  • Perforated sizes
  • Protects merchandise
  • Holds position within box
  • Environmentally Friendly
AirSaver Air Pillow Roll
  • Low performance
  • Will shift during transit
  • Messy to use
  • Bulky
  • High cost
AirSaver Air Pillow Roll
  • Very low performance
  • High labor cost
  • Difficult to use – paper cuts, ergonomics
  • Overall cost is operator dependent


Air Pillows come in variety of sizes to fit the type of products you ship and the amount of void you need to fill to ensure zero dead space in the box.

Each shipping associate can easily determine the number of pillows needed for each type of shipment, allowing you to be able to get your average cost per package. You will also use less material when packing with air pillows than you would with traditional packing materials.

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Shipping Cost

Size and weight will have impact on your shipping costs. When using air pillows for void-fill, you are simply shipping air which adds zero weight to your overall shipping weight. Avoid increased shipping charges when using traditional packing materials.


Maximizing your warehouse space for your products instead of your shipping materials supplies is vital to keep your overall cost down and your profitability high.

Compared to traditional void-fill materials, each pillow comes flat in a roll and filled on-demand in the convenience of your own facility and requires less space to store. Every square foot of space you save counts especially for small warehouse and large distribution centers with multiple packing stations and heavy production flow.

One roll of our AirSaver 4x8 film equals to almost 8 bags or 160 cubic feet of packing peanuts, saving you more workspace and product storage.

Air Pillow Applications

Air pillows provide optimal product protection and can replace any traditional void-fill or cushioning materials. It comes in different sizes and is designed to help fill different sized packages, and protect your items from moving and shifting during transit. Our film comes in 1mil thickness that can withstand light to heavy shipments up to a few hundred pounds.

Blocking & Bracing

Avoid having your merchandise bounce back and forth during transit causing crushed products and boxes. Use air pillows to block & brace your shipment to avoid any unnecessary damages and keep the box structure intact.

Blocking Application

Corner Protection

Increase shock absorbency in your shipping boxes and increase protection when you ship your products. By protecting all four corners of the box with our cushion wrap, you will be able to keep your merchandise in the middle where it is safest to ship.

Corner Protection Application


Our Cushion Wrap air pillows are ideal for protecting items that are stacked and may have fragile surfaces such as dinnerware, frames, vases and automotive parts.

Interleaving Application

Top Filling

When your products are not packed tightly, they may get damaged during transit from being tossed around and stacked. Fill in any empty space on top to ensure that your products are not damaged.

Top Layering Application

Void Fill

Add Air Pillows to fill up all void in shipping boxes and protect your products during shipping. Recommended for items such as cosmetics: lipstick, fragrances, personal care products to candy bags. You can count the exact number of pillows used in each shipping box and decrease waste.

Void Fill Application


Most plastics used in the products you buy have the numbers 1-7 inside the chasing arrow symbol usually located on the bottom of the container. These numbers are resin codes developed by the plastics industry to help us sort plastics for recycling. Majority of air pillows are made with Low or High-Density Polyethylene Plastics which are recyclable materials just like milk jugs, water bottle and grocery bags. AirSaver pillows can also stay inflated for few months and can be reused or recycle to minimize environmental impact. With every purchase of AirSaver products, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support charities in the areas of Environment, Education, Healthcare and Poverty.