Why Air Pillows?

  • Cost effective
  • Protects merchandise
  • Holds position within box
  • Perforated sizes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low performance
  • Can shift during transit
  • Messy to use
  • Bulky
  • High cost
  • Low performance
  • High labor cost
  • Difficult to use
  • Overall cost is operator dependent


Air Pillows come in various dimensions to protect merchandise of any size and shape. Determining the number of pillows needed for each item is simple, allowing you to meet or exceed your average cost per package. The perforated air pillows will allow you to use less material than when packing with traditional packing materials.


Maximizing your warehouse space for your products instead of your shipping supplies is vital to keep your overall costs down and your profitability high.

Compared to traditional void-fill materials, our air pillows are rolled flat and filled on-demand, requiring minimal storage space. One roll of our AirSaver 4" x 8" film is equivalent to eight bags or 160 cubic feet of packing peanuts, saving you valuable space.


Air pillows provide optimal protection replacing traditional void-fill or cushioning materials. Our various-sized pillow film and honeycomb wraps are designed to protect items from moving and shifting during transit.

Blocking & Bracing

Prevent your merchandise from bouncing and shifting excessively during transit, leading to crushed products and damaged boxes by utilizing air pillows strategically. Block and brace your shipment to avoid unnecessary damage and maintain the structural integrity of the packaging.

Box Lining

Use box lining to protect fragile contents from all sides. Ensure ample space to add air pillows to the sides of the box and on the top to snugly hold the item in place, preventing movement during transit.

Cushioning & Wrapping

Typically used with cushion wrap to prevent shifting during transit by filling the void around the items. Ensure the gaps are filled, securely protecting merchandise with a snug but not tight fit, allowing for a secure and immobile transit experience.

Void Fill

Utilize air pillows to occupy and secure empty spaces within shipping boxes, providing additional protection during transportation. This approach is recommended for delicate products. Using the precise number of pillows needed for each shipment significantly reduces waste.

Top Filling

In cases where products are not tightly packed, they may be susceptible to damage during transit due to being tossed or stacked. Filling empty space before closing the box ensures that the products remain well-protected throughout the journey.


Ideal for safeguarding stacked items with delicate surfaces, such as dinnerware, frames, vases, and automotive parts. Cushion wrap provides excellent protection between the stacked items, minimizing the risk of scratches or breakage.

Corner Protection

Enhance shock absorbency within your shipping boxes and increase product protection. Our cushion wrap effectively shields all four corners of the box, ensuring the product remains securely positioned in the center, the safest location during shipping.


Our standard Air Pillows are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), providing the optimal balance of durability, puncture resistance, and cost. Our environmentally-friendly green sustainable film is made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic and is made from recyclable, virgin resin material. The AirSaver Air Pillows can also be reused or recycled to minimize environmental impact.

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