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We offer our machine FREE, provided you purchase monthly film supplies from us. If you are currently using void-fill materials to ship your products and are interested to see if you qualify, please call us at (800) 782-9008. We can prepare a quick cost-saving analysis for your review and see if you are eligible.

Setting up an account is simple! Complete the customer application and equipment agreement, and that's it. Your account will be set up the same day, and the machine will ship out within 1-2 business days.

Our unique business model allows us to pass significant savings directly to you. Our machines are much easier to set up and operate than our competitors. And, we can help reduce your packaging cost with lower-priced supplies and monthly minimums.

Compared to packaging peanuts, Air Pillows are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Air Pillows are stored and shipped flat until inflated, saving valuable warehouse space and shipping costs. One AirSaver 4" X 8" film roll is equivalent to 92 cubic feet of popcorn. In addition, on a cost-per-cubic feet basis, Air Pillows can save most companies 20-50% off the price of popcorn. Additionally, your customer has no mess or clean-up when opening their package, and they can recycle the air pillows.

If the machine stops working, please check our troubleshooting guide or contact our technical support team. You can resolve most issues with technical support. However, if an issue continues and we cannot fix it, we will ship you a replacement unit. We ask that you send back the original machine. For more information, call Tech Support at (800) 782-9008.

Our machine is designed to be used with our film type only. Using any other product will not work with our machine. Qualifying customers must purchase a certain amount of film monthly to keep the free unit. This requirement is clearly stated in the machine agreement.

Two maintenance parts may require occasional replacement, including the blade that opens the bags and the Teflon belt that seals the bags. With normal use, our high-quality parts should last 2-3 years before replacement is required. High usage may require the parts to be replaced more frequently. We provide detailed instructions on replacing these components, as it requires no special training.

Free accessories may be provided, dependent upon your estimated roll usage. Our most common and complete AirSaver packaging solution comprises the AirSaver unit, stand, and collection basket. Additional accessories including the winder, overhead unit, and integrated mobile basket with hopper are also available. Please get in touch with one of our sales representatives for full details and requirements.

We offer additional paper solutions. Please contact us for further information.

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