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Good for business and the planet

AirSaver is now an authorized distributor in Southern California for Ranpak. Ranpak (NYSE: PACK) is a leading provider of environmentally sustainable, systems-based, product protection solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains. All paper packaging materials are renewable, biodegradable and curb-side recyclable. At AirSaver, we provide packaging solutions for all applications to ensure that your products are not damaged during transit. We are here for all of your packaging needs, from void fill to wrapping.

Void Fill

Close up free space in your shipping box to prevent items from shifting and being damaged during transit. Our paper-based filler offers excellent physical properties in terms of absorbing shocks and protecting sensitive products.

FillPak Trident ™

With superior protection, the Trident has a unique triangular pad shape which uses less paper when compared to traditional protective paper packaging options. Improved efficiency and various operating modes, users can easily navigate and utilize this custom packaging solutions and pre-set modes. The Trident is ideal for high-volume environments such as 3PL's, fulfillment and distribution centers.


Protect your fragile merchandise during transit and use Ranpak to reduce shocks and vibrations when careless shippers toss and mishandle the boxes you send out. By protecting your boxes, you will see fewer returns from customers and increase your profits.

With the PadPak AJR, this easy to use machine provides excellent cushioning in one easy machine. The machine converts 2 layers of paper into cushioning pads which can be used to protect products of all shapes and sizes during shipment.

The PakPak AJR is most successful in industries such as Automotive, Computers, Electronics, Housewares, Industrial Parts, Machinery/Engines, Tools/Hardware and Toys/Sporting Goods.


Products that need extra care and a step up in presentation when a consumer opens the box can count on the Geami HV. This machine is perfect for e-commerce environments as its main objective is to maximized packing throughout while offering customers an exciting unboxing experience.

The Geami WrapPak HV is a great alternative to 3/16" and 1/2" bubbles. The 3D honey comb profile is perfect for protective wrapping and cushioning. The interleaf tissue offers surface protection and prevents die-cut from nesting. Eliminate the use of tape with this product.

Successful in the following industries: Cosmetics, Housewares Food/Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Glassware, e-Commerce and Logistics.

Cold Chain

For all of your cold-chain applications, we have solutions for you to protect your perishable products such as groceries, meats, meals and other food ingredients. Our paper keeps it cool so you don't have to worry.

Box Lining

Line your boxes and protect your products with the WrapPak Protector (PT) which is a productive and cost-effective solution. Whether you have electronics to home furnishings, the two sheets of paper are formed into a resilient and shock absorbing wrapping material that protects during shipping.

WrapPak® Pack Station

With this compact-sized machine, the waved-shape paper allows pads to go around the box as well as easily wrap around products effortlessly.

With so many solutions, AirSaver is here to help you find what fits your needs. For more information, call us at 1-800-782-9008.